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Offering effective digital marketing that generates results and everyone can affort

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The Marketing Problem

Businesses are forced to trade off cost and quality when it comes to digital marketing, ultimately either not reaching their target consumers or overspending budgets – a make or break moment for their business
Our solution

Easy. Effective. Reliable social media marketing.

allSocial is an AI platform that provides customized, ready-made content for SMBs at a fraction of the cost of a traditional outsourced agency.  We provide high quality content that reflects social media best practices, generates results, and is affordable.

Our solution

How it works

Receive custom social media content based on industry, region, language, and brand guidelines, reflecting industry best practices

Download and install the app from your app store, and register.

Register your company, provide a few key data (name, industry, language, Country) and link your social media account.

Select brand information, logo, choice of template and colour pallet.

allSocial generates a ready made social media calendar for you for an entire month, based on your preferences.

Each post if fully customizable.  You can modify the suggested tag line, the caption, the call to action, even the image.  

Once you save the posts they will be scheduled for posting on your social media page at the right time.  You can, of course, revisit and make changes any time you wish.