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The only social media marketing app you need.

allSocial is packed with features that will allow you to perform effective social media marketing, with very little effort and get measurable results.

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allSocial ackages come with an array of features

Personalized style

Chose a template and color, upload your logo and company details. Our AI platform will generate all posts in your personilised look and feel.

Customizable visuals

All suggested posts come with visuals (photos / animations / vectors) that you can customize with your own photos.

Strategy that converts

Within your personilized calendar of posts, the app provides different post types, scheduled is such a way so that you can get the best out of your marketing.

Template library

Our team prepared a vast library of templates which are available to you in different colour sets.

Different post types

Your personilized calendar of posts includes engaging posts, tips, competitions and product posts.

Regional content

Our AI system also provides regional content specific to your region.

Language specific

All our posts are available to you in different languages.

Made for freelancers

A professional package allows you to manage up-to 10 different companies from the same account with access to different posts per page.

Auto posting

Once you approve your posts, they will automatically be posted on your business channel at the time you selected.