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How to create the right social media strategy (FREE webinar – Udemy)

Before undertaking any activity in your personal or professional live, you must set a goal, an objective or an end game.  If you do not, it is like shooting a gun without aiming, so how can you hit the target?

If your objectives or goals are complex, and will require time and perseverance, you need to be able to evaluate that you are moving towards the right direction at regular intervals, so that you know that you are heading towards your goal and have not deviated from your path.

For example if you are taking a long trip that will take you through several cities, you set your starting and ending point and plan your road trip.  But every so often you also need to check that you are following the right path and have not taken the wrong turn.

So why would your business journey and your marketing be any different.

To be successful in business and in marketing, before starting your journey you must set your ending point or your goal.

If you are a florist and are planning a digital marketing campaign on valentine’s day, say a special offer of bouquets of red roses, you can set an objective as to how many bouquets of red roses you sold.

Knowing where you would like to end up will make it so much easier to plan a path to success.

And since in the digital marketing world, almost everything is measurable, you can set signals or key points to indicate that you are heading towards your end objective.

In technical terms these are called KPIs or Key Performance Indicators and they are an intricate part of any digital marketing strategy.

It is not all about how many likes or how many followers your brand page gets.  If you cannot convert your marketing into actual business objectives that will eventually result in sales, then, no matter how good your digital marketing is doing, no matter how many followers you have or how many likes a post is getting, you will fail as a business.

What differentiates us from the rest of our competitors is this strategic approach and the ability to plan and focus on our end goal. 

This course will analyse how a digital marketing strategy is drafted, what and how to set your KPIs and what are they key elements that you need to include and follow in order to be successful. 

You will learn proven techniques that the professionals use to plan a successful strategy and follow through to achieve their objectives.

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